What's up y'all?


I’m Maggie!

You can call me they/them/theirs,          You can call me she/her/hers,                You can call me Sugar Magnolia

I’m from just outside ATL, and recently graduated from Boston University’s School of Theatre

I am a performer, movement director, and writer. These days, you can find me rehearsing with the KAIROS Dance Theatre company, or basking in the sunshine

I am…always trying to lure serendipity

I want you to laugh and feel freed

And I’m pretty intent on getting everybody to have a damn good time


Let’s groove!

PS. That kickass video up there? (Scroll up!) 

Valheria Rocha made it. She’s been my friend since middle school, and she’s magic. You can find more of her work throughout my site, or at her website here. She recently photographed Taylor Swift’s new album art, so…she’s a damn rockstar, and deserves every second!